• Q: Is Hula Dog  Trademark?
    A: Yes, trademark in the 50 States, we also have copyright for our concept, text, art, pictures, website etc.
  • Q: Is Hula Dog  want to grow in the future?
    A: Yes, we are growing Hula Dog around the Hawaiian Islands. 
  • Q: Growing Hula Dog in the Mainland?
    A:  Go to  *Hula Dog Franchise* to see more.
  • Q: Are there any official Hula Dog representatives on the Mainland?
    A: Hula Dog is represented by  Lolo Ono for the South California.
  • Q: Why does Hula Dog cost more than the average hot dog?
    A: Wahine Brand Corporation is our facility where all our breads – sauces: relishes : mustards etc. are made every day to assure that the quality of our products is what makes Hula Dog famous.
  • Q: Do you ship your Hula Dog in the Mainland?
    A: Unfortunately we don’t. Hula Dog will not arrive fresh in your door.
  • Q: Why the bread is at least 10 % bigger than the sausage?
    A: We need it to give more space for the condiments we put inside our sausage. If we didn’t add this 10 % the condiments would go through.
  • Q: Why do you have to wait to have your Hula Dog ?
    A: All orders are personalized; your Hula Dog cannot be made until you order it. Some people have more challenge deciding what they want. We cannot rush any client; we just help each one to make the best decision.
  • Q: Why do your employees push customers to try the Hawaiian Style Hot Dog, when customers may just want a traditional Hot Dog?
    A: We apologize if our employees overly encourage our specialities. We just want customers to try our best. We will try to encourage without being overbearing.
  • Q: What do I do if I realize that I don’t like the choice I made?
    A: Return your Hula Dog immediately and a new one will be made for you. Important: If you have any problems or suggestions please make sure to let us know so we can correct it right away.
  • Q: What did you do to be on the Travel Channel and on “No Reservation” ABC “ Born to Explore” etc.?
    A: Nothing, they found us. It’s amazing advertising but it’s also a big pressure, because our clients have a high expectation, as they should.
  • Q: Where can I find your condiments?
    A: Go to http://shop.huladog.co/  to find our shopping card where you will find our Relishes,sauces etc.
  • Q: Do you also sell your signature bread?
    A: Not at this time.
  • Q: Do you provide condiments wholesale?
    A: No, sorry.
  • Q: Do you sell your equipment?
    A: No. We build our own equipment exclusively for our stores.
  • Q: What’s the most popular Hula Dog ?
    A: Our most popular are:
    1) “ Mango Relish / Jalapeno’s Sauce and Lilikoi Mustard”
    2) “ Pineapple Relish / Garlic Lemon Secret Sauce and Guava Mustard”
  • Q: What is your polish sausage made of?|
    A: Our polish sausage is made of beef, chicken and pork.”
  • Q: What is your veggie sausage made of?
    A: They are made with soy – wheat and gluten.
  • Q: Do you have gluten in any of your products?
    A: Yes, all of our bread and veggie dog products contain gluten. But not in any other  products>
  • Q: Do all your products have milk product in it?
    A: All our sauces have milk; if you’re lactose sensitive or allergic we recommend replacing a sauce with our Lilikoi Mustard or Tropical Relishes, which contains no milk products.
  • Q: Do you use corn syrup in any of your products?
    A: We do not use any corn syrup for our products; our syrups for our Hula Shave Ice are made as my grand mom use to do.
  • Q: Do you have peanuts or tree nuts in any of you products ?
    A: No and we do not process any peanuts and tree nuts in our facility.
  • Q: Do you prepare more relishes or sauces for your menu?
    A: Yes, our development department always looks for new taste.
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May 30, 2014